Nicole Beringer


Depending on your individual situation and circumstances, Nicole can identify and give advice on:

  • Mould & Moisture (that's often unseen)

  • EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields)

  • Radiofrequencies and Wireless Technology

  • Indoor Air Quality

  • Dehumidifier & Indoor Air Filtration

  • Creating an Asthma & Allergy friendly home

  • Allergens such as house dust mites & chemicals

  • Chemicals in your everyday products (like cosmetics & cleaning)

  • Water Quality & Filtration

  • Building Materials (paints, flooring, framing, insulation etc)

  • Creating a safe & healthy nursery & kids bedrooms

  • Healthier homewares & furnishing alternatives

  • Lighting

  • Bedroom furniture placement & colours

  • Bedding - linens, mattresses, pillows, bedframes

  • and so much more...


Healthy Home Audit

Includes a written report with realistic recommendations.  Sometimes laboratory testing is required which is not included, and is additional.

Nicole will use a variety of tools to measure the hazards in the home and can include:

Moisture Meter, Radiofrequency Meter, Electromagnetic Field Meter, Thermal Imaging Camera, UV light, ATP meter - as well as her vast knowledge on the latest scientific research and information on Environmental Health.



Holistic Home Audit

This is the ultimate experience in creating your own sanctuary. Not only will your home be healthier by utilizing modern Building Biology principles, combining them with traditional Feng Shui principles will create an environment to bring about your family's full potential.